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Stand Out From The Competition With A Fresh, Modern Website Written By A Professional Sales Writer.

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Hi, I’m Jenny.

I help artists, inventors, small businesses, non-profits, professional service firms, solopreneurs, and creatives to attract more leads, clients, and sales with stunning, affordable websites that get results.

But I’m not your average web designer.

Most web designers can make a really “pretty” website. But the fact is, “pretty” doesn’t sell.


And — you guessed it — I was a professional copywriter (sales writer) long before I started creating websites.

I can design a gorgeous website that ALSO features compelling, magnetic copywriting…and that means more leads, clients, and sales for you.

What do you say? Should we be talking?

Stunning Website Design + Clear Copywriting = More Leads, Clients, Sales.

Sound Like Something You Could Use? 

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Copy Is King.

(Let’s Put Him On The Throne Of Your Business.)

Let’s Face It: Any Marketing You Do That Doesn’t Result In A Sale Is An Utter WASTE Of Your Precious Time & Hard-Earned Money…

There Are Two Ways I Can Help You Get More Bang For Your Marketing Buck:

1. Direct-Response Copywriting

Whether it’s your website, a print brochure, or an email, your copy doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t prompt the reader to act.

I have more than 15 years’ experience as a direct-response copywriter — which is a fancy way of saying that I can write websites and marketing materials that get more clients, leads, and sales for your business.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Copywriting

You can have the most clever copywriting in the world on your website — but if your site is not getting found, it won’t do any good.

That’s why you need a copywriter trained in SEO — someone who knows how to research the keywords and key phrases that drive traffic to your site — AND who knows how to incorporate them in original, authentic, natural-sounding copywriting with a clear call-to-action.

(And yep, I’ve got training and experience how to do just that!)


And When It’s Done Right, The Returns Are Spectacular.

Let’s Talk About How To Get A Great ROI On Your Copywriting Project…

Gorgeous Websites Don’t Sell.


Is Your Website Designer Also A Professional Copywriter? (Most Aren’t.)

You Need More Than A Web Designer. You Need A Professional Sales Writer With An Eye For Design.

(Anything Less Is Costing You Sales.)

To attract clients and close sales, you need a clean, modern, SEO- and mobile-optimized site that inspires confidence in your prospective customers (and keeps them from clicking over to your competition)…  

But (most importantly), you also need clear, compelling copywriting to persuade clients why they should choose YOU over any other choice they have — regardless of price…

As an expert copywriter and website designer, I can create a custom website for you that is not only visually beautiful, but that also sells your products or services through compelling copywriting.

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Your Website Has Just One Job:

To lead your prospective clients to say, “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you — regardless of price.”

If your website isn't "selling" prospective clients on your business, service, or product, should we be talking?

Schedule a free consultation call with me at your convenience.

Don’t Leave Your Business To Chance…

Have Your Website Designed (And Written) By A Pro.

Small businesses, solopreneurs, artists, and non-profits don't need expensive, high-end websites.

But you definitely deserve better than “cookie cutter” website templates, "DIY" options, or sites done free for you by well-meaning friends/family members.

After all, you don't want your website screaming "my nephew's friend made it for free -- in 2009!"

(And don't even get me started about all of the missed search engine opportunities, technical glitches, sub-par copywriting, and other revenue-sucking travesties that happen on DIY sites...I've cleaned up dozens of them for my clients.)

Not to mention, many small businesses have outdated websites that are not mobile-optimized, which means (as of 2018), they are not being found on Google!

(Yeah, that’s a problem.)

Let’s talk about building you a fresh, new, custom website that will get you found in Google, and get the customers rolling in.


Let’s Do This.

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Portfolio & Testimonials

See Samples Of Some Of My Favorite Projects

(Then Let’s Chat, Shall We?)

Colony House Inn Bed & Breakfast, Skowhegan, Maine (Visit Site)

Urban Temple Wellness Spa, Atlanta, Georgia (Visit Site)

Shane Clark Builders, Central Maine (Visit Site)

Scaredy Cats Hospital For Cats, Scottsdale, Arizona (Visit Site)

MyFootsie Foot Warmers, Manchester, Maine (Visit Site)

Peaceful Passages In-Home Pet Euthanasia, Maine (Visit Site)

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Client Love

The revenue generated from the new website and sales funnel you built has significantly increased our gross over last year. And, we are now ranking at the top of Google! Congrats. I am so glad I asked you to help.
— Jonathan Grant, DVM (Scaredy Cats Hospital)
Jenny is extremely easy to work with! She took our ideas and created a website that was just like we wanted. It was done quickly, and we are already seeing results. If you’re a small business owner, you need a website — and Jenny is the one to do it for you.
— Shane Clark (Shane Clark Builders)
Our year-over-year revenue increased 35% after Jenny created our website. People comment all the time how they found us online, and they choose us because of our website! Jenny’s services have been invaluable to our business.
— Bob Thompson (Colony House Inn B&B)

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