Copy Is King. (So Let’s Put Him On The Throne Of YOUR Business…)

Take a Look at The types Of Copywriting I Can help You With:

1. Direct Response Copywriting (Sales Writing)

Whether it’s your website, a print brochure, or an email, your copy doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t prompt the reader to act.

Most content specialists are not trained in direct response copywriting, which is copywriting designed to — you guessed it — elicit a response from the reader.

As a content specialist with training in direct response, you can be sure that I’ll get responses from the copy I create for you. Whether it is calling your prospects to buy, or simply drawing them into your lead generation funnel, they will take action!

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Copywriting

You can have the most clever copywriting in the world on your website — but if your site is not getting found, it won’t do any good.

That’s why you need a copywriter trained in SEO — someone who knows how to research the keywords and key phrases that drive traffic to your site — AND who knows how to incorporate them in original, authentic, natural-sounding copywriting with a clear call-to-action. (And yep, I’ve got training and experience how to do just that!)

3. Lead Generation/Sales Funnel Copywriting, Lead Magnet Copywriting

You know you need a “lead magnet” for your website (to build that all-important email list), but you just don’t have the time to create it… Let me do the heavy lifting for you and craft some amazing pieces for your lead gen or sales funnel!

Whether it’s a compelling PDF, a free e-book, a handy checklist…or any other type of “freebie”, I’ll create a lead magnet that will cause a sign-up frenzy to fill your funnel fast!

And how about all those other funnel “parts”? (You know: the ad, the landing page, the thank you page, nurture email series…) Yup, I’ve got you covered there, too.

4. Email & ENewsletter Copywriting

The purpose of your emails is to build engagement and loyalty — and to drive sales. I’ll apply the most effective copywriting approaches to your subject lines, body text, offers, and calls-to-action so that they get new customers through your door (and keep the ones you already have).

Additionally, as a copywriter trained in email & enewsletter strategy, I keep on the cutting edge of what works in email marketing. This means more opens, a higher click-through rate, and more sales.

5. Blog & Web Content Copywriting

We want to keep your small business or professional service firm’s website ranking high in those search engines!

What’s the best way to do that? By keeping your web content fresh.

Whether it’s blog posts, articles, bios, press releases, case studies, or other content, I can fulfill your content needs with a one-off project or a monthly package.

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

If it’s copywriting of some sort, I can do it. Just contact me directly and ask!


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