Email Drives More ROI (Return On Investment) Than Any Other Channel.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Email Marketing?

Email Works.

In fact, according to Hubspot’s Marketing Statistics, email rakes in a whopping $40.56 for every dollar spent. How’s that for ROI?

But to get that kind that kind of response (or better), your emails must follow best practices of email marketing.  A copywriter trained in this can help you maximize your ROI. Email subject lines, message content, send times — done right, these are the “small edges” that can add up to big return.

So how can you be sure your emails are harnessing the full ROI potential?

Here’s Where I Can Help: Email Content Review And Revision

1. Strategic Review of Your Current Enewsletters and Emails

Are they are clickable and customer-focused? Do they contain calls-to-action? Are the subject lines maximize open rates? Are they in compliance with the Can SPAM Act?

I’ll do a strategic review to identify areas of improvement and any opportunities you may be missing. 

2. Content Revision to Maximize Open Rates and Action Taken

The purpose of your emails is to build engagement and loyalty — and to drive sales. I’ll apply the most effective copywriting approaches to your subject lines, body text, offers, and calls-to-action so that they get customers through your door (and keep the ones you already have).

Additionally, as a copywriter trained in email & enewsletter strategy, I keep on the cutting edge of what works in email marketing. This means more opens, a higher click-through rate, and more sales.

3. Split Testing

Testing is one of the most important ways to build your business. I can write you email versions to test for performance, and I’ll help you split test and analyze which emails are getting you better results. 


And When It’s Done Right, The Returns Are Spectacular. Are You Ready To Optimize YOUR Email And ENewsletter Marketing?

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