Capture New Leads, Clients, and Sales for Your Online Or Local Business with Jenny's Facebook™ Ad Marketing Strategy & Management


You’ve got organic leads coming in through your search engine optimized website. Now you’d like increase the number of customers and clients coming through the door...

Enter: Facebook ads — which, done right, can skyrocket your leads, sales, and clients

But. . .you’re busy with running your business or practice, and no one on your team has time to master a brand new strategy.

You’re ready to outsource to get the help you need so you don’t pour money down the proverbial Facebook sinkhole of "ads gone wrong"!

That’s where I come in. . .

I’ve been running Facebook ads in one form or another for the last three years, and I’ve got the chops to make sure your ads will convert at industry rates or higher.  What's my secret sauce?  I'm a specialist at:

  • Designing eye-catching, scroll-stopping, high-converting ads

  • Capturing attention with persuasive copywriting skills

  • Nurturing audiences through engaging content

  • Nailing your perfect audience through deep research of your target market

  • Keeping you on budget through strategic planning and management

  • Maintaining your competitive edge through staying on top of the ever-changing Facebook marketing landscape

But I Don't Just Work with Any Business...  

I want to succeed in getting you a steady stream of new clients at a great ROI!  So, in order for me to work my "Facebook ads magic", I only work with a select few businesses who would be a good match for my lead generation strategy.  

Take a gander and see if you're a match: You're a great candidate for my FB Ad Management service if...

  • You're an online or brick-and-mortar business, professional service firm, or non-profit

  • You have an excellent offer to make to prospective clients (or are willing to create one based on my advice)

  • You understand that paid traffic is a process (FB ads are no longer the "ATM" they used to be; it takes time — but it's worth it!)

  • You have ad budget to invest and are advertising in other places

  • You have the infrastructure in place to handle a significant influx in qualified leads (I.E.: the staff to follow up in timely fashion, report results, and track ROI)

Does that sound like you?

If you meet the above criteria and you're ready for a steady stream of new leads and clients, click the button below to schedule a call with me today about Facebook ad management.  Let's get your business hoppin'!

Not Quite Ready to Call?

Need a little more info on how much it costs and what my services include?

Explore the packages below. . .

Facebook Ad Management

(For Businesses with a Sales Funnel Already in Place)

Investment: $1500/month (plus recommended $300-500 minimum ad spend)

  • Target audience research

  • Facebook Pixel set up for tracking

  • Ad design & copywriting

  • 4 weeks of tracking for main campaign

  • Landing page + funnel suggestions


Want An Entire FB Ad / Marketing Funnel, Done For You?

Choose from Two Packages:

Initial Facebook Ad Funnel Set-Up 

$5000 (plus minimum $800 ad spend)

  • Target audience research (2 weeks)

  • Facebook Pixel set up for tracking

  • Ad design & copywriting

  • Main campaign ad set-up

  • Creation of sales funnel (lead magnet, landing page, thank you page, email nurture series)

  • 4 weeks of tracking for main campaign

  • Strategy to drive goals


Ongoing Facebook Ad & Funnel Management

$2500/month (recommended ad spend, $800/month min.)

  • Comprehensive campaign strategy focused on one main sales funnel/product/service

  • Ad design & copywriting

  • Ad setup and tracking for the month

  • Continual optimization, testing, and communication

  • Landing page + funnel maintenance and optimization

Ready to know more or get your ads up and running?

Fantastic! Let’s chat about whether I’m the right person to take your business to the next level.