Let Jenny Uncover New Opportunities To Improve Your Website Results.

We’ll review your content and SEO, And Strategize How to Improve Your Website Conversions

Investing In A Strategic Website Audit Can Result In A Significant Increase In Your Web Traffic, Site Conversions, And Sales.

Your Strategic Website Audit Report will show you how to increase traffic, leads, or sales — and how to improve your competitive positioning.  You’ll get customized recommendations on:

  • Improving your search engine rankings

  • Attracting more prospects to your website

  • Keeping visitors on your site instead of clicking away

  • Directing them to take action and getting them to the information they seek

  • Converting them into paying customers for your service or business

How it Works:

Step 1 — I’ll conduct a thorough review of your site’s content, evaluating it in five areas:

1. Customer-Focused: 

  • Does your content avoid platitudinous claims such as “we’re the best” or “we’re professional”?

  • Instead, do you speak to visitors in terms of benefits to them (as opposed to features about you)?

2. Competitive: 

  • Does your content differentiate you from the competition by using the most relevant SEO keywords and key phrases?

  • Does your sales copy differentiate you from the competition by making a case for your product or service?

3. Clear: 

  • Does your site offer helpful, solutions-oriented information within a user-friendly structure?

  • Do you present content with short paragraphs and bulleted-lists instead of lengthy paragraphs with too many words?

4. Conversion-Optimized: 

  • Does your site keep visitors on the page with scannable information?

  • Does your site guide visitors with offers and links that generate action?

5. Consistent: 

  • Does your site use a consistent brand “voice” across all pages?

  • Does it use a consistent SEO approach across all pages?

Step 2 — I’ll evaluate all pages of your website using a 43-Point Usability Checklist, and will use this to generate a detailed report of your site’s strengths and opportunities.

Your customized report will include screen shots indicating:

  • What’s working on your web pages (content, sales copy, calls-to-action)

  • What can be improved (content, sales copy, calls-to-action)

  • Where you rank in search engines

  • What is displayed when your pages appear in search results

  • How your competitors stack up in search results and web-content strength

Step 3 — I’ll review your customized report with you and we’ll discuss strategic ways to improve your results in the most critical sections of your site, or across all pages of your site.

Then, you can use the suggestions in the report to begin improving your site's content, calls-to-action, and SEO.

Result? Increased traffic and sales!

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